level NOUN 1) a horizontal plane or line with respect to the distance above or below a given point. 2) a height or distance from the ground or another base. 3) a position or stage on a scale of quantity, extent, rank, or quality. 4) a floor within a multi-storey building. 5) a flat area of land. 6) an instrument giving a line parallel to the plane of the horizon for testing whether things are horizontal.
ADJECTIVE 1) having a flat, horizontal surface. 2) at the same height as someone or something else. 3) having the same relative position; not in front or behind. 4) calm and steady.
VERB (levelled, levelling; US leveled, leveling) 1) make or become level. 2) aim or direct (a weapon, criticism, or accusation). 3) (level with) informal be frank or honest with.
be level pegging — Cf. ↑be level pegging
a level playing field — Cf. ↑a level playing field
on the level — Cf. ↑on the level
DERIVATIVES levelly adverb levelness noun.
ORIGIN Old French livel, from Latin libra 'scales, balance' .

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